The Witches’ night – San Giovanni in Marignano

Magic, art and fun June 21 – 25 • 2017

It turns 29 years old night of the Witches to St. Giovanni in Marignano, and punctual as usual it inaugurates the beginning of the summer by the Romagnola Riviera. Every year is greeted with enthusiasm by the thousand of visitors that choose it for the magic of the scenographies, the enchantment of the shows and the so many animations that the alleys of the center.
The demonstration is characterized with five days of unforgettable shows of Italian and foreigners artists, previews, events, street shows, magicians, jugglers, mimes, musicians, animators. Who walks down the streets of the suburb in those magic nights, you can taste the alchemy of the magic market with its handicraft products; the essences; the tastes; the manufactured articles and the base herbal ointments.

Do not forget to taste the traditional food and wine proposals of local restaurants and associations.

Finally, like every year, the summer greets you by reciting folkloric rites and propitiatory traditions that culminate with the traditional and evocative “Rogo della Strega”, which takes place every year at midnight on the last night.

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